Subversion and the Aesthetics of Eroticism in "The Magic Toyshop" and "The Nights at the Circus" of Angela Carter

Ms Richa


Bluebeard dominates the folk tales of France written by Charles Perrault. He is womanish; sadistic, oppressive and callous. Angela Carter took inspiration from the Gothic tales and French tales of Perrault to depict the plight of contemporary women. In this research paper the various stylistic techniques used by Angela Carter have been explored. She got Nobel Prize for her feministic ideas and innovations in the themes in the context of modern age. Carter contended that in spite of the tremendous changes in society women are subjected to sexual oppression and marginalization. It is quite paradoxical to note that on one hand there are radical changes in the society all over the world, but at the same time women are subjected to all forms of sexual oppression.. Women are active in all fields but their sexual molestation and oppression by the male dominated society still persists. In this paper researcher has depicted the conspicuous role of Bluebeard who plays vital role in the plot of The Magic Toyshop and The Nights at the Circus of Angela Carter.


oppression; marginalization; molestation; paradoxical; eroticism

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