Did Vihang A. Naik unlock his heart with the key of “Path of Wisdom"?

Parminder Sohal


The uncertainty of life and the obnoxious turns it takes has perturbed man since a long time. Man has broken the shackles of belief of the unnatural behavioral patterns of the society in which he lives. Today a new man has emerged in a new vein, rising from the ashes of the set standards of society. Man today wants to break free of the curbs and the unnecessary restricted believes of the society. He wants a breath of fresh air and wants to breathe a tension free life. Such an aura of fresh life can be viewed in the poems of Vihang K Naik.The present paper will explore the mystery of Vihang A. Naik's poetry and how he tries to make a man realize the necessity of wisdom in the potion of free life.

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