Dismantling Western Hegemony and the Demystification of Globalization Myth In MENA

aymane edouihri


In the twentieth first century, West and East dichotomy is still caught up in a long tradition of imperialism and subjugation. The East is under the mercy of Western master narrative and the repercussions of a greedy globalization. This geographical location, especially, MENA region, seems to find an outlet in the revival of nationalism and valorization of identity, collective consciousness and culture in a way to break the shackles of neocolonialism; perhaps the Arab Spring is the most resonating historical moment in which some of MENA nations have tried to fight not only Western hegemonic upper hand, but also pro-west regimes. Noticeably, this historical turning point has paved the path for the rise of religious movements and religious discourse as a defense shield against all what is Western. Yet, this flourishing of religiosity in the MENA region would not pass unnoticed by the West which is still controlling the scene through the creation, support and orientation of some of the Islamic movements to guarantee its superiority and interests in such a pivotal region.


master narrative, MENA; Arab Spring;hegemony; religiosity; superiority

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