Techniques and Strategies to Develop Active Listening Skills: The Armour for Effective Communication across Business Organizations

Pooja Khanna


The power and impact of listening is a key aspect of good communication which has been underrated and overlooked by professionals across organizations. Active listening is a soft skill which has received little or no importance in communication cycle. It is as crucial for healthy communication as critical thinking and problem solving ability. Good listening skill is held in high regard in most organizations and is closely observed and targeted by interviewers as a technique to gauge your interpersonal skills. It speaks volumes about your ability to lead and work in a team and your skills at problem solving with consultation and mutual consensus. To climb the ladder of success in a workplace, active listening plays a vital role because it reflects your ability to build trust, establish a rapport and demonstrates your concern about your team members. Mindful listening indicates your professionalism, transparency and emotional intelligence to deal with diverse views and constructive criticism. When each member gets a patient hearing and is assured that his / her view point matters and is heard, a leader or a manager is able to draw consensus and create an amicable workplace environment. Good listening is indicative of your respect for the speaker and by being “fully present†you take the first step in building a relationship of trust and commitment. Unlike passive listening which is just a little more than hearing, active listening is a two way communication technique that demands empathy, attention, practice and a lot of conscious effort. The present paper aims to deal with strategies to hone effective listening skills and use them as tools to enhance communication.


effective; listening; active; needful; silence; communication; attention; competence

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