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Ravinder Singh, a writer of the Digital Age, is the bestselling author of his love trilogy- I Too Had a Love Story, Can Love Happen Twice? and Like It Happened Yesterday. Skillfully, he has put his hands in yet another emotionally powerful and tragic love story titled Your Dreams Are Mine Now, released on November 20, 2014, which took the readers on a tantalizing flight, making them whimper, chuckle and permitting them to plunge in love all over again. The current research paper will highlight the turbulent and testing times between the love story of Rupali and Arun, who are the complete opposites and have nothing in common with regards to their interests and priorities in life, and still the law of opposite attraction works best on them.

Keywords– Digital age, Law of opposite attraction, turbulent times, love entangles

Ravinder Singh, a descendant from a Sikh family in Odisha, is one of the leading authors in the Indian literary scene. A prod­uct of 1982, Singh initially pursued a career in an IT company. Having accomplished his Engineering degree, he switched on to penning down as writer, after joining ISB for a course in Management. Apart from his literary pursuits, Singh is crazy about Punjabi music and is a die- hard snooker addict. Ravinder Singh has dexterously taken the task of influencing young minds by his vibrant and personal style of writing. Singh stated in an interview with the National Arts Lifestyle magazine, “Tags don’t affect me”. He also said, “I don’t even call myself an author. I would love to call myself a storyteller.”

Ravinder Singh, the 32 year old writer and love guru unveils his latest novel, Your Dreams are Mine Too, in a striped shirt, Jawahar jacket and jootis in his own hometown, Calcutta. Your Dreams are Mine Now, has been the heart throb of millions of youngsters worldwide. It has influ­enced the multitude with its emotional appeal. He has openly done a good level of experimentation to reveal his deepest personal love story among the multitude. The versatile author of the digital age has managed to create his own space and niche, which helps to recall the childhood memories of paper boats floating in the rain are some of the instances that create an evocative mood than the unknown willows of the west. This renowned Indian author, Ravinder Singh, also known as the King of Romance during her release at the Oxford Bookstore on Friday in New Delhi s eulogizes about the captivating story about young dreams and ambitions set in the famed Delhi University, creating a life-like atmosphere of what goes on in the world of student politics. Thus, the highly anticipated love guru of I Too Had A Love Story said, “It is an emotional love story between two opposite people- a small-town girl who raises her voice against crime against women and a boy who is her senior and is involved in student politics. This book, which has a female protagonist who is a whistle blower but eventually pays the price for it, addresses several burning issues of the society and also addresses the problems faced by the  students from North East these days”. Set against the backdrop of heavy campus politics in Delhi University, Your Dreams Are Mine Now is an innocent love story that will prove the law of opposite attraction. The author has made sincere endeavors to engage the audience in his captivating story about young dreams and ambitions. With college politics in the backdrop, Your Dreams Are Mine Now creates a life-like atmosphere of what goes on in the world of student politics.

Rupali is a little town lass and an idealist, who comes to the capital, Delhi for her higher studies. She is a middle-class Indian girl from a small town who lives life according to the teachings of her Baba (father). Like any other fresher she also has her dreams and hopes for

college at the time of joining. In Delhi, she’s out of her comfort zone, so she is a bit hesitant. Whereas Arun is a Delhite with keen attention in youth politics in DU, who fights to make his way to the student union elections. A perfect individual with a soft exterior and tough interior, which lands Rupali to a troublesome situation, where his hero, savior, Arun comes to her rescue. When the elections are held, her firm stance on the wrong doings around her made her a threat for the student leaders. Arun, one of them, watches her activities with interest. Initially hostile, Arun, however, is slowly able to see her point of view and is drawn to her. Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in the college and the powers that be are no longer in the mood to forgive Rupali for her meddling. They want to teach her a lesson. But when she sees someone else facing injustice, she gets the audacity to fight. When it comes to her own self, she needs time to make a pronouncement.

A major outrage on the college campus clubs them together and somewhere along the line they fall in love with each other. At the same time, when she’s convinced Arjun is nice, she is brave enough to say ‘I love you’. But their struggle against evil comes at a heavy price which becomes the ultimate test of their lives. Against the backdrop of dominant campus politics, Your Dreams Are Mine Now is an innocent love story that will tug at your heartstrings.

The story is set in Delhi University (DU), where Rupali has arrived from Patna to relieve her dream. As time flies, she gets to know the inner delicacies of matters in the campus. A chance meeting with Arjun sets tone to a blossoming friendship cum love but unaware of this fact that this unknown destination will engulf her and embrace her like her own child. When Ruplai endeavors to rescue another woman from being sexually exploited, she herself gets entangled in difficulty and in love at the same time. Though, Rupali and Arun are complete opposites, but the fundamentals of Science advocates that opposites attract as well. Everyone knows that “Opposites attract” it is known as the law of attraction, and it always applies, at least when it comes to magnetism. A male and a female, for instance, are opposites in terms of gender, but they may be energetically compatible because of their romantic attraction to one another. In every case where opposites seem to attract, one simply observes two elements with opposite features that share a like tendency towards balance or resolution. The attraction towards the opposite sex is the introduction to any relationship. It is attraction that draws your attention to a person of the opposite sex. Moreover, shared values, dreams, aspirations and passions become more momentous in long-term relationships.

In Your Dreams are Mine Too, Rupali an idealist with a soft exterior and a tough interior soon gets into a trouble. When the elections are held in the university campus, her firm stance on the wrong goings-on around her make her a threat for the student leaders. Arun, one of the students’ leaders, watches her activities with keen interest. Initially hostile, Arun, however, is slowly able to comprehend her point of view and is drawn to her. Thus, there ensues a scandal on the university campus, which clings them together and further, they initiate to saunter the same path and ultimately befalls into a love entangle. Nonetheless, their clash against wickedness comes at a grave price, which becomes the vital assessment of their lives. Against the crucial prevailing state of the campus politics, Your Dreams Are Mine Now, the naive love story, unquestionably knocks at the heartstrings of every love smitten couple.

Dreams are a part and parcel of everybody’s life. Everyone on this mother earth is been engulfed with the power of dream. A dream to pursue something extraordinarily big, a dream to bring alterations in the society and a dream to render the world something amazing for which you will be always kept in mind and acknowledged. Similar to this kind of a dream, the author Ravinder Singh in his latest book of love with its opposite attraction Your Dreams are Mine Now has exhibited love without its boundaries, transcending time and space, dreams which died a sad, untimely death. Inspired by the Nirbhaya rape case from December 2012, Ravinder Singh aimed to remind his readers to make a die-hard effort to impede crimes against women and injustice. The sole initiative was to keep the mutiny alive and keep the blood boiling through this book. So, Your Dreams Are Mine Now is a sensitive portrayal of two young people, Arjun and Rupali, meeting and falling in love in the university campus with its many activities show-casing a love which trusts in giving. Love is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal relationship of affection to pleasure. It can refer to the feeling of strong attraction and personal attachment. Love is an experience one person feels for another that involves caring for or identifying with a person or thing. Love, thus, gains an upper hand and politics becomes a mere footnote in this saga of love engrossed between the young couple in Your Dreams are Mine Too. The DU setup addendums to all the love and friendship drama and makes it a worthwhile structuring “opposites attract” theory, in contention that people are attracted to those individuals, whose needs conversely match their own.


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