Samiksha Shubhadarshinee/ Like No Other Love on Earth

Samiksha Shubhadarshinee

B.A Honours (2nd year)

Lovely Professional University


 Like No Other Love On Earth

She sat in the Starbucks café, sipping her coffee and staring out of the window. The blood stained knife lay next to her handbag, covered with her blue scarf.

As the summer sun filtering through the canopy of trees dappled her life’s pathway, she was taken back to her childhood and adulthood simultaneously. Her childhood was full of all the delicacies of life and her adulthood was going on smoothly by providing delicacies to others. Now when she sees the blood stained knife covered with her scarf, she is left numb wandering if those astounding days would ever come back.

Natalie Parker then lived in Ithaca, New York. She was the only heir of the country’s biggest business empire. No doubt that she was living a lavish and luxurious life. She was brought up by a nanny after the death of her parents. The nanny aka Emma, used to tell her moral stories and took care of all her needs. As she grew, Emma started telling her about the world of which Natalie has never even heard of.

“You know Nat; there are so many people who do not even get a shed to spend their night, a square of meal to eat and a piece of fabric to cover their body.”

Nat stares at Emma with bewilderment.

“Does all this happen in real? But in our house everyone lives so happily. Then why can’t they?”

“Those people have no money.”

“Does money matter so much, Emma?”

“Yes my child. You have everything you want as your dad was a very rich man. But those people do not have all these.”

“Emma, can we go someday and see how they live.”

“Sure. But now it’s time for you to go to bed. I promise you that we will go tomorrow. Good night Nat.”

“Good night Emma.”

Nat never gets up so early in the morning but excitement of meeting new people did not allow her to sleep.

“Good Morning”-said the butler. “What would you like to have in your breakfast?”

“Give me anything Adam. I don’t want to be late at all. Where is Emma?”

“I am here, my child. Have your breakfast and we are all set to go.”

The driver was set to take the little mistress to her desired destination. The beauty of the “acropolis” started to disappear, the trees were strolling by and they entered the country side. It was Bronx.

The little kid was shocked to see absence of street lights. There was no proper drinking water. Children were rolling on the sand dunes, completely nude. One child ran towards Nat as soon as she stepped out of the car and asked her if she would lend him some clothes.

Nat was astonished as she did not expect this type of question from the child. But she said-“Sure. I will meet you next week on this day. Do you need anything else?”

The boy who had never enjoyed any such privilege, said-“I want them only” with such an innocent smile, that it will strike a chord in anyone’s heart.

By seeing all this, Emma started weeping. It was no longer when Nat noticed her and asked her the reason.

“You are a prodigy. I wish you all the best for your future” and blessed her.

Now Nat started going to Bronx regularly and every time she went there she made sure she had something with her for the children. She used to spend her whole day with them.

Gradually, Nat completed her Graduation Degree from one of the prestigious colleges of New York, i.e., Berkeley University. Now it was her turn to take over the huge business empire.

There were only two days left for her to join her dad’s office as the new Managing Director. But Nat was contemplating about the moments she had spent with the slum area natives and it made her sad. Emma noticed all this and asked her what has happened.

“What has happened Nat? You look so upset. Are you not happy?”

“No, Emma.”

“Why? You are going to be the new Managing Director. You have brought so many laurels for your educational institutions. Then, what is tormenting you so much my child?”

“Emma, I am not happy with my life. I don’t feel that the purpose of my life was just to win the ‘Student of the Year’ Trophy or to become the Managing Director of my dad’s office. I want to do something, for those people. I simply cannot see the way they lead their life. They do not deserve to see so much of suffering.”

“But what can we do?”

“Emma, if everyone backs off by saying what can we do, then who will heal their pain! We are called human beings as we cannot see others in pain and help each other out. Am I not behaving as an animal, by turning a blind eye to all this?”

Emma was left stunned by all these words of Nat and she knew Nat was right.

Finally, the day came when Nat joined the office. She worked day and night to make her aspirations come true.

She started off by giving half of her house in making Old age homes and orphanages. She opened a school to give education to those children. Then an NGO was started by her after her dad’s name-“RYAN PARKER ASSOCIATION” which fought for the rights of the abused and humiliated children .As soon as she gets a break from her office, she went to those areas and spent time with them.

Even after doing all this, she was not happy. Finally she decided to hand over her position of Managing Director to her then Personal Manager, Jack Bettel. She managed all her official works and Nat devoted herself fully in the service of people.

Emma was very happy with the moral values and integrities she could teach Nat. Now she could see a perfect human being within Nat.

“Ma’am, you want to order something?” This question by the waiter brought her back from her perfect world. She nodded her head and then rose to leave the cafe. She reached Bronx and went to a home. There was an awkward atmosphere and everyone was crying over the deceased, Peter Smith. Nat just asked someone to call Peter’s father as she had some very important stuff to discuss with him.

Suddenly the door opened and there entered a man whose skin was faded and creased like the vellum with blood-flecked eyes and gunmetal-grey hair. In dusty, moth eaten clothes he still maintained that vivacious smile on his face. With a wilting walk, bending almost to touch the ground so that he can take control of his body which was refusing to follow his commands anymore, he walked towards Nat. He was Nat’s favourite person from the slums, whom she referred as her father since childhood.

“Father, I am extremely sorry that I had to come at such a time but I could not resist myself from telling you something.”

The old man said, with a tint of shiver in his voice-“You can come to me anytime you want. My son has left the nexus, but you, my daughter; you have always stood by me. Your face gives me the strength to survive such a blow.”

“Father, I just hope all your love and care remains the same for me always.”

“It will be, always”. By seeing Nat’s face he further enquired- “What’s wrong my child?”

By hearing this Nat could no more control her emotions and let it all out. With a guilty conscience she told how Peter tried to molest her and in the process of protecting herself she stabbed him to death. She revealed that she was the killer of Mr Smith’s only son, Peter.

Mr Smith was numb as a pillar with no moments. Nat was crying her heart out and was frightened as she saw her father not reacting at all. He directly went to his room and banged the door. Nat returned to her home crying and sobbing.

After five days of eerie silence and immense curiousness, he came to Nat’s house. With a trembling voice, gleaming eyes, limping towards Nat, he said-“Since all these years, you have worked relentlessly and selflessly for us. I always wandered about your gains from this. Even after my boy did such heinous act with you, you are kneeling here and apologising me? Please don’t embarrass me. I should be the one who should ask for your forgiveness.”

Nat was shocked to hear this. Father again repeated his question-“What do you earn by helping us so much?”

Nat smirked and replied-“Love.”

“You did all this just for love?”

“Love is the only thing that activates our intelligence and our creativity. It purifies and liberates us.”- “That is what Paulo Coelho says.”

Unknowingly, the old man shed a drop of tear by hearing all this and said-Nat, I will be proud to have you as my daughter. I can sacrifice thousands of Peters for one Natalie.”

Nat grinned and said by wiping her teary eyes –“I have always been and that’s why I call you my father.”

The old man hugged her tightly as the sun even simpered at this sight. Nat realised that “TIME HEALS EVERYTHING”.


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