Sanjay Kumar Thakur/ Promise me not to teach…

Sanjay Kumar Thakur

Lecturer in English

Lovely professional University


                                       Promise me not to teach…


I am a new born yet to be acquainted with world

Away from the worldly intricacy, malice & manacles

In the womb of motherly bliss protected and fed

Though in oblivion, frightened sensing outer unrest!

Aspiring a wake, in a world full of hope, love and order


Promise me! Not to teach the worldly affairs,

Not to domesticate with phoney socio-shackles

Let me be a pure soul, closest to the divinity

Descended from ethereal to message, the world

Full of despair, treachery, to their ultimate end


Promise me! Not to corrupt my soul

Sake of worldly gain, never to quench

Let me be my own, lost in prenatal sleep

Contend in my happy lot, Promise me, not to teach!

Language of power, wrangle and bigotry


When I am yet in sleep, away from vicious web

Someone whispered closest to me

You are the silver lining of world amidst melancholy

Speak language of love, soothe desperate souls around,

Bring them back to origin! It’s transitory stay!


Though crumbling world order &moral

Still wish to dabble into innocence &rectitude

Carefree mirth and joyous swift

Inquisitive queries amidst worldly chaos

Wish to speak only one; language of love!


I aspire to be a free bird, away from any name

Free from worldly bait, entitlement

Malice, treachery & despise;

Aiming to soothe tender sensibilities

Of the pious souls of shattered humanity!

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