It gives me immense pleasure in bringing out Volume 1, Issue 4 of The Achievers Journal: Journal of English Language, Literature and Culture. In the present issue of The Achievers Journal Meena Sharma examines Poetry Manifesto  penned by Vihang A. Naik and says that the poems in Poetry Manifesto seem to be simple and short but explore the hidden philosophic realities and take its readers to the sky of fantasy. Tobi Ete explores the intricate realities of life in Love Song of a Journeyman and interprets the different aspects of unrequited love of a journeyman. She says that the poem delineates the unsuccessful love of a journeyman who is betrayed by his beloved. S.N.Yanthan presents the experience of disloyalty of love and the passing of joy. Rituparna Datta Roy opines that reading Vihang’s poems of myriad hues is an experience in itself.

Shivangi Rudra in the post-colonial fiction of Bapsi Sidhwa explores how female body has been used as a tool to take revenge from the antagonists. Dr Yashdeep Singh examines Shalimar the Clown as a chronicle focusing on the trauma of the ‘common man’ in Kashmir. Dr Sandeep Kaur inspects the domestic violence in the leading democracy of the world. Rimmi Kapur highlights the contribution made by the peasants of Punjab in the Independence struggle of India. Naresh Kumar analyses the existing rural tourism and studies the problems and challenges in its growth at Amritsar in Punjab. Hadwin Charlie seeks if media promotions are effective in bringing out behavioral change among the public in using proper toilets in spite of lack of sufficient toilets equal to the speed of promotions. Yogesh Gambhir discovers the significance of press and how the introduction of Printing Press in India was an event of revolutionary significance in the life of Indian People. M.Pavan Kumar focuses on the painted visual art of Punjab exploring the popular perceptions and influences on Sikh art from the historical point of view. Ajaz Ahmed Dar explores the impact of Sufism and Rishism on the people of Kashmir in general and Kashmiri culture in particular.

The Achievers Journal is an International journal set out to explore the ideas in the field of English Language, Literature and Culture. It is a non-profit peer-reviewed, indexed, quarterly research journal (print and online)  with its objective to act as a platform for new as well as reputed scholars to share their ideas, experience and knowledge with others of their fields to facilitate scholarly communication.

We have made every effort to be the best in the field of quality research. The objective of The Achievers Journal is to build a permanent relationship with the academicians. It will be our consistent effort to increase the impact and the overall quality of our journal. In times to come, we would try to attract more and higher- quality submissions. The editorial board has tried its level best for the betterment of the journal, yet constructive inputs and critical reviews are always welcomed. We are also looking for associations with different institutions, colleges and universities to assist them in getting papers published. We are intended to provide maximum exposure to our authors and their articles both nationally and internationally. I am sure, the joint efforts of all of us will make our task easier to achieve the heights of new successes in the field of research.

The editorial board of the journal has left no stone unturned for the perfection of this issue, yet some errors or mistakes may be noticed. Any constructive suggestion regarding the development of the journal in future will always be welcomed.

With best wishes,

Dr Sanjay Prasad Pandey

Department of English

Lovely Professional University

Punjab, India


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Journal of English Language, Literature and Culture