Breaking the Prolonged Silence of Agonies: A Glimpse into Ismat Chughtai's Short Stories

Kalpana Pandey


Ismat Chughtai was one of the most prolific and courageous Urdu writers known for her revolutionary and unconventional writings. She was a legend of Urdu literature who remained champion of 'terhi lakeer' instead of ‘the straightway’. She often struck an outrageous attitude in her writings. Undoubtedly, she was an excellent story writer of an individual and unique style. Instead of adopting the common path Chughtai presented the hidden sexual relations and problems of the male dominated society in a very ingenuous and impressive manner.
She made a special place among the hearts of women because in her short stories there was a settled new world concerned with women. Here the women were not weak, wretched and exploited. They were not constrained to fulfil the duties of women against the injustice of the patriarchal society but they were always two steps ahead of men. Ismat has written many memorable stories in which some recognizable stories are Lihaaf, Chauthi Ka Joda, Gainda, Nanhi Ki Nani, Ghar Wali ,The Wedding Suit, The Home maker, Tiny’s Granny, etc. Some of her stories (Lihaaf,Gainda,The Wedding Suit, The Home maker, Tiny’s Granny) will be analysed in the present paper to focus on the conservative patriarchy of the society and rebellious steps of her women against it.


ingenuous; irrepressible; susceptibility; zenana; haram

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