Theatricality in the Dance form of Ajilamu in Arunachal Pradesh: An Overview

Suk Bahadur Bashel


Ajilamu is a ritualistic dance form of some indigenous tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. The Shertukpen and Monpa Buddhist tribes perform Ajilamu on the occasion of their local festivals and life-cycle ceremonies. The implication of this Ajilamu dance among these Buddhist tribes is to convey the message related to moral values of the society. This article aims to explore the co-relation between dances of Buddhist tribes and theatrical performance with reference to Ajilamu dance form of Arunachal Pradesh. Its aim is to critically evaluate the contemporary form of the Ajilamu dance as a dance drama or a pantomime. The present paper is an attempt to explore the various theatrical elements in Ajilamu dance, a living, long standing cultural dance form.


Buddhist tribes, Ajilamu dance, Namthar Book, folklore, pantomime, theatrical performance.

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