Interactivity in Creative Arts and Design



Profound knowledge reveals art as the expression or application of individual artistic skill and imagination. Artists, art students or designers choose this medium since they love challenges in both academics and articulations of the human experience. The art, at its least intricate, is a form of communication to the viewers. It suggests something it is expected to mean by the artist himself/herself, and this significance is shaped by the materials, methods, and styles of the artwork, moreover the thoughts and sentiments it prompts in the viewer. The design is a work process which has a client perspective and drives development in light of the creator/ designer specific customers’ needs. Furthermore, the design plan is a multi-faceted practice, wherein creative and technical solutions are carried out inside a structure to build a good attitude and environment. This paper is an attempt to show these powerful tools for influencing every heart and mind and furthermore promoting creative wondering and human attention.


individual artistic skill; articulations of the human experience; human attention

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