Legal Issues: A Study of Realism in John Grisham’s Novel 'Gray Mountain'

Wajiran Wajiran


This paper aims at discussing the concept of realism in Grisham’s novel, Gray Mountain. Grisham’s works are based on his profession, as an attorney. He is an interesting author, a politician and an activist. As a social activist as well as a politician, he has great concern for social justice. This paper explores the author’s ideas about injustice reflected in the Gray Mountain. The impacts of the coal mining industry on the social, political and economic condition of the people in this region are also explored in this paper. The study shows that the events depicted in Gray Mountain were based on the reality of the occurrences in Appalachian society. The novel can be considered as a reflection or criticism of this community.


coal mining; Appalachia; black lung; realism

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